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Talksuite is an enterprise grade bot solution built from commercial bot building experience for ease of use, systems integration, stability and scalability.

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Stable, secure & scalable


MHR has been making enterprise software for 35 years, specifically in the HR & Payroll industry. We’re grounded in developing software with stability, security and at an enterprise scale. Talksuite holds an industry standard SLA, RPO & RTO.


Talksuite has been designed with security and privacy as one of our core principles and we strive to adopt all new best practices as they come.

Encryption at rest & in transit, multiple methods of authentication for your bot and extensive security recommendations for third-party services to help you do your due diligence.


Built on Microsoft’s Azure platform, written in .NET and continuously deployed using DevOps methodology, Talksuite can scale to your users & use cases.

Quick return on your investment

Quick & Cost Efficient MVP

Talksuite allows you to very quickly create a real, user-ready bot in a matter of days. No server setup, complex configuration or implementation. Using our web-based editor and online documentation, you can jump straight into crafting a great user experience without worrying about scale or security.

System Rejuvenation

Integrating a bot into a legacy product can provide a quick and cost efficient way to lengthen the life of a powerful system by embracing modern UX practices, keeping up with consumer demands and adding a layer of intelligence.

One interface to rule them all

Systems, especially internal systems, are a technical and cognitive mess. Talksuite allows you to create a consumer-grade user experience that integrates with all of your systems so your employees or customers have one place for everything.

Ready for your global business

Localisation out of the box

Talksuite supports an unlimited amount of valid languages so your bot can be used in your global business without broad changes to your bots.

Data Location

At our enterprise tiers, you can choose exactly where your data is located so you can guarantee your data sovereignty. Through Azure’s cloud deployment regions, we offer 54 regions for you to choose from.

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