According to Gallup, businesses with highly engaged employees have 17% higher productivity levels. People First gives you the tools to develop and empower your workforce, connect them to your organisation and in turn boost productivity.

A Personal Digital Assistant for All

The People First Digital Assistant is available anytime, anywhere via smartphone or tablet to help employees manage their daily workload, speed up transactional processes and answers their queries. It handles transactional HR processes like booking leave and expenses claims with ease, allows employees to track their daily work performance and helps them get in, and stay in, the flow.

Performance Check-ins

Progressive companies are now replacing annual appraisals with real- time check-ins, encouraging a culture of open communication and feedback. The People First platform guides managers and employees through the entire check-in process, providing managers with talking points to help everyone get the most out of these vital meetings.


Have you ever been so absorbed in your work that you completely lost track of time? This state of mind is known as “flow”, and helping you achieve it is central to our work at People First. The People First platform helps each individual understand what gets them and keeps them in the flow and removes barriers through focus mode in the Digital Assistant.

HR Insights

People First gives you access to data that can influence the lives of real people working in your organisation, helping you make better, more employee-centric decisions. Instead of old- fashioned dashboards and reports, People First provides you with real-time insights relating directly to your employees, work and goals.


People First allows you to create and work within projects, goals and tasks, setting owners and team contributors along the way. The platform uses social, video and telephony tools to facilitate collaboration, enabling individuals and teams to co-create and contribute to your business, driving business performance.


The People First platform links your mission and values with goals at the organisational, team and individual level. Within goals you can create future priorities, assign owners and invite other employees to participate. Additional objectives can be created and linked to the priority, showing how goals across the organisation drive strategic outcomes.