HR Platform

The People First platform is there to support you throughout the entire employee lifecycle, from recruitment to talent management and offboarding, simplifying complex HR administration processes.

Recruitment Module

Slick Recruitment

Attracting the right people to your organisation is key. After all, recruitment is a costly business. People First helps you to make the right impression from the outset with an attractive jobs board and slick application process.

Talent Management

With talent profiles, managers and HR can identify key employees and positions, and assign potential successors, creating a continuous pipeline of talent. While employees can see positions that match their talents or understand what they need to do to fulfil those requirements.

Talent Module
HR Insights

HR Insights

People First not only gives you the insight you need to make informed business decisions. It also gives you top-down visibility of different teams’ performance, which enables managers and HR to work with employees to fix fundamental issues.

Learning Management

We’ve designed tools that create an engaging, social and transparent approach to learning, so that your employees can see and understand the investment you are making in them, critical to employee attraction and retention.

Learning Management
Time and Attendace

Time and Attendance

People First simplifies the whole process by giving employees access to their own information. Employees can clock their start and end times, including their overtime via the Digital Assistant and desktop application, which can be reviewed and amended at a later date by the employee.

Time Off and Absence

Remove the hassle of calculating time off, particularly where you have different allowances or employees with changing working hours, with People First. The system automates the entire process, so you don’t have to worry.

Time off and absence

Hiring and retaining the best talent is crucial at Page Kirk. Every year we look to source the brightest graduate candidates to help us to continue to be a leading practice, offering our clients an expert service. Recruitment can be time-consuming, by using People First we have not only reduced administration and paperwork, but also gained an efficient and seamless process flow which has led us to far greater insights into our recruitment practice. Once on board, we use the check-ins element of People First to discuss progress and any development opportunities they may need.