Collaboration in the workplace improves productivity, but how can you facilitate collaboration with an increasingly remote workforce? People First allows employees to work together virtually to help stimulate creativity, engagement and innovation.

Connect Your Mission, Values and Goals

With People First employees throughout your organisation can see clearly how your mission, values and goals link together. They can also see how their daily tasks play a role in the ongoing success of your business.

Manage Your Goals

Within the goals section of People First you can create future priorities, assign owners and invite other employees to participate. Additional objectives can be created and linked to the priority, showing how goals relate to the overall success of the business.

Track Progress

It is really important when you set and communicate your business goals, that people not only understand them, but they can see progress being made against them, which is why we’ve made the whole process transparent within People First.

Multimedia Options

We all like to communicate differently which is why People First uses a range of tools including social, video and telephony to facilitate collaboration. What’s more, because they are built in, there is no hopping between platforms.

Social Feed

With the People First social feed, employees have access to a collaborative social space, where they can identify and connect with like-minded individuals across the organisation. This helps develop a sense of community and breaks down organisational silos.