How People First Works

People First combines cutting-edge technology with game-changing ideas to put employee engagement and wellbeing at the heart of business processes.

HR Platform Tools

More Than Just A HR Platform

We’ve developed a set of tools along with a new ethos that enables a better, more productive way of working for everyone.

At its core are five key elements:

  • The People First Alliance
  • Flow
  • Personal Digital Assistant
  • Pragmatic People Analytics
  • Performance Check-ins

The People First Alliance

The People First Alliance promotes a new partnership between employers and employees based on mutual respect and trust. It recognises that both parties bring value to the workplace and encourages an open and grown-up dialogue. It’s a different way of working, but one that allows us to engage and thrive as adults within the reality of modern work.

People First Alliance
People First Flow


Flow is where an employee is fully focused and immersed in their work – otherwise known as ‘being in the zone.’ When in flow, employees are at their most productive, but this has massive psychological benefits as well, including feelings of value, ownership and belonging. Represented graphically within People First, individuals can see their trend of flow data, helping them to understand their own engagement within their role. This analysis can be used to influence overall business performance and reduce flight risk, and to improve employee enjoyment and wellbeing.

Personal Digital Assistant

The People First personal digital assistant helps employees manage their daily workload, speeds up HR transactional processes, and answers their work-related questions – and is accessible anytime, anywhere via smartphone or tablet. To help them maintain flow, Focus mode intercepts all but the most important emails.

Digital Assistant
People Analytics

Pragmatic People Analytics

People First embraces AI and people analytics in a manner that is natural and accessible, so that they are really only noticeable by the results. It absorbs data from employees’ day-to-day work via the Chatbot, which operates like a Fitbit for work, learning their patterns and checking in with them at suitable times. This data is useable by employers and employees alike, and more importantly, is useful in understanding employees’ enjoyment and performance.

Performance Check-ins

Progressive companies are now replacing annual appraisals with real- time check-ins, encouraging a culture of open communication and feedback. People First facilitates regular performance check-ins, where managers and employees discuss progress, tackle issues as they arise, and evaluate how the alliance is going. This helps managers to get to know their team on a human level – something that is crucial in the modern workplace.