Time and Attendance

Give employees the flexibility to have control over their working day, while still meeting compliance and organizational responsibilities.

Simplify the Process

People First’s T&A solution delivers a streamlined digital experience for recording time and attendance, removing the need for manual processes and reducing the risk of errors. It allows employees to record their time and attendance by giving them access to their own information, freeing up HR staff and line managers in the process. Employees can clock their start and end time, including overtime, using the People First app.

Swift Approvals

Once employees have submitted their time and attendance data, the information is automatically sent to their manager for approval. The People First app allows managers to handle approvals and requests instantly, reducing hours of manager admin time.

Stay Connected

As time and attendance is integrated within the product, it helps remote workers remain connected to their organisation through the app, including access to the social feed and collaboration through projects.

Geo Tracking

With geo-tracking employees can record their location when checking in, which provides peace of mind that if their health and safety is compromised their employer can quickly pin point their location and provide the necessary assistance.

Time Zones

Global administration is made easier as time is recorded in the relevant time zone. The end user can then manage their time in the zone of their preference.

Linking Payroll

Payroll links can be mapped via APIs, creating a seamless link of accurate data to ensure payroll is delivered in time and error free.

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