Power up your talent

Everything you need to attract, retain and develop your people.

Performance Check-ins

Support real-time feedback and a more communicative, hands on approach to people management.

Talent Profiles

Employees can map their own career paths and identify the skills and qualifications they need to realize their ambitions.

Match and Gap Analysis

Identify successors within your organisation by mapping talent profiles against job profiles. Where there are gaps you can help individuals design suitable development plans.

Automated Workflows

Employees, managers and HR receive timely notifications when courses or qualifications are due to expire.

Hiring and retaining the best talent is crucial at Page Kirk. Every year we look to source the brightest graduate candidates to help us to continue to be a leading practice, offering our clients an expert service. Recruitment can be time-consuming, by using People First we have not only reduced administration and paperwork, but also gained an efficient and seamless process flow which has led us to far greater insights into our recruitment practice. Once on board, we use the check-ins element of People First to discuss progress and any development opportunities they may need.

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