Let’s Get Social

People First is packed full of social and engagement tools, allowing your people to express themselves and stay connected, no matter where they are based.

Social Feed

Our social feed taps into the popularity of social media as a medium for connecting, collaborating and exchanging information. Employees can add their own content to news feeds, groups, their colleagues’ profile pages or their own, and get instant feedback via likes and comments.

Social Profiles

Each People First user has a customisable personal profile to show colleagues who they are, inside and outside work. The information here goes beyond names and job titles to reveal deeper insights into the user’s interests and personality.

Stay Connected

Break down organisational silos and help everyone feel connected to each other and the organisation. In a world where remote working and virtual teams are on the rise, People First allows you to create a sense of community and togetherness among your workforce.


Our unique recognition system allows employees to give and receive feedback publicly. This acts as a powerful motivational tool, and helps others to see the good work being done across the organisation. Once a user is recognised five times for a particular characteristic, this element is added to their personal profile for all to see.

Weekly Digest

To keep everyone in the loop, all employees receive a weekly digest direct to their email address. The information for the weekly digest is decided by the social media officer, who selects the relevant posts they want to add in to the email, which could contain relevant company news, information about upcoming events, and popular posts. The social media officer can also monitor what is on the social feed and in different communities and remove any content or post if necessary.

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