Rock Your Recruitment

Take the pain out of the recruiting process for you and your candidates, with a slick digital experience.

Maximum Reach

People First allows you to spread the net wider in your search for top talent. You can post jobs internally, externally and via social media for maximum exposure and reach. Our partnership with eQuest even allows you to source candidates from harder to reach groups including veterans, LGBT, disabled and NAACP to name but a few.


Necessary skills, qualifications and certificates are stored against each job opening. This provides potential applicants with a greater level of transparency around requirements, helping them to make more informed decisions about their fit for the role.

Visual Shortlisting

Streamline the recruiting process by identifying suitable candidates, with the system suggesting candidates who are best suited for the role for you to be able to shortlist.

Clear Communication

Hit the ground running with ready-made correspondence templates or create your own quickly and easily.

Candidate Portal

Candidates receive real-time updates throughout the hiring proces via the candidate portal, ensuring that nobody is left hanging. You can use our ready-made correspondence templates to hit the ground running, or create your own quickly and easily.

Candidate Profiles

Attach documents, CVs, interview notes and videos to candidate profiles, helping you to make more informed hiring decisions. Having all candidate-related information in one place is particularly useful during multiple interview rounds that require input from across the organisation.

Hiring and retaining the best talent is crucial at Page Kirk. Every year we look to source the brightest graduate candidates to help us to continue to be a leading practice, offering our clients an expert service. Recruitment can be time-consuming, by using People First we have not only reduced administration and paperwork, but also gained an efficient and seamless process flow which has led us to far greater insights into our recruitment practice. Once on board, we use the check-ins element of People First to discuss progress and any development opportunities they may need.

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