Real Time Reporting

Take the guesswork out of business decisions with our powerful individual, team and company real time analytics.

Insights for Employees

People First gives employees the insights they need to understand their own performance, department trends and more.

Notifications – regular notifications to drive process and provide employees with key updates including changes to data and absence processing.

Post Insights - employees are kept up to date with the social feed, including recognitions, anniversary posts, internal job adverts and project updates.

Talent Insights – real time personal insights into talent and performance to help employees create a career path in the organisation.

Department recognition trends – find out how your department recognition trends compare to other departments.

Structure trends – employees can access information about people trends across the entire organisation and at department level.

Insights for Managers

Along with all the employee insights, People First provides managers with powerful insights into the morale and performance of their team – information that can help engage employees and reduce turnover.

Notifications – valuable notifications about employees including absence processing, competency updates and recruitment.

Department Overview – a department dashboard presents a range of absence, talent, social, performance and HRM information, plus a People Trends Card with the ability to drill into the data.

Comparison Views – managers can compare absence, talent and HRM information across a team with the option to export the data.

Search Group – pre-defined search groups can be used to provide insights into performance, peers and leavers.

High-level Organisation Insights

Departmental insights are automatically added to the organisation chart, providing an overview of trends across the organisation. The information is aggregated up through the structure to the top level and can also be drilled down into the department level. Learning administrators also have access to the insights bar providing information about training courses over the last 7 or 30 days, 12 months, or all time.

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