A HR System that makes life easier, more engaging & fun

There to support you, your managers and employees throughout the entire employee lifecycle.

Performance Check-ins

Support real-time feedback and a more communicative, hands on approach to people management. People First guides you through the entire check-in process, from scheduling through to recording outcomes. To help everyone get more out of the conversation, managers receive relevant insights and talking points based on employee-specific data.

Predictive Analytics

Provide managers with powerful insights into the morale, performance, and potential of their teams, allowing them to make more proactive and informed decisions. Armed with this information, managers can tackle issues at an early stage, helping them to improve employee engagement levels and reduce turnover.

Personal Profiles

Each user has their very own customizable profile – a space where we can really get to know the person behind the job title. People First learns about the employee’s interests and work; and provides them with a stream of relevant content and insights.

Automated Workflows

Mobile and desktop notifications to employees, managers, and HR ensure that the right information always reaches the right people. Workflows are driven by standard user profiles to enable quick and simple implementation.

Personal Digital Assistants

Reduce once-complicated HR tasks down to a simple back-and-forth conversation, empowering employees to take charge of their own personal admin. Users can book vacation, set reminders, and get answers to work-related questions – and all this is available anytime, anywhere via their smartphones.


Employment terms and conditions are easily accessible to all users, promoting a culture of transparency and openness. Each employee has complete visibility of their salary information and benefits offerings, providing a clearer picture of the total value of their rewards package.

Total Rewards

Each employee has complete visibility of their salary information and benefits package, providing a clearer picture of the total value of their compensation and benefits.

GDPR Compliant

Our platform has GDPR compliance built in, helping you collect, store and use sensitive information and personal data in line with legislative requirements.


Build custom pages and information cards to create and store information that might not traditionally be held by an HR solution. You can then assign these cards to different areas of People First to best suit the information you want to capture, and assign security levels so only the relevant people have access to that information.

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