Connect Your Goals and Objectives

Our goals system ensures that work is always aligned with your organization’s objectives so that people can see the difference they are making to your mission.


Make your company’s mission, values and goals visible throughout the organization, helping every employee to see their role in the bigger picture.

Goal Management

Create future goals, assign users, invite other employees to participate, and track progress towards completion. Add additional tasks to the goal, showing how goals are linked across teams and departments.

Who’s Doing What

For greater transparency, all goals and projects are displayed in the profiles of owners and participants.

Goal Security

Set different security levels to protect high-value goals and projects. Employees can make their own goals private with the information available between themselves and their manager. While projects can be restricted and access granted to only those involved in the project.

Personal Goals

Employees also have the ability to set their own personal goals whether that’s in relation to their work, or their personal development. Employees can also see any tasks, goals, projects and business plans they are involved with in their overview, allowing them to track all of their work.

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