Time and Attendance from People First

Do you pay your staff on an hourly basis or pay overtime? Are you relying on manual processes, paper timesheets and spreadsheets to record time and attendance?

T&A from People First removes the need for paper-based or manual approaches to recording time. By streamlining the entire process - from recording T&A, through approval, and on to payroll – clocking in and out is instant, accurate, and seamless; saving time and money.

Download a copy of the People First guide, to find out how People First can help you minimise HR admin and boost employee engagement, collaboration and productivity.

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Streamline Time and Attendance in your Organisation

Simplify the Process

With the rise of the mobile workforce and flexible working, businesses need a process of recording time and attendance that is easy to use, accurate and mobile. Through People First, employees can simply register their attendance anytime, anywhere from their smartphones or browser.

Swift Approvals

Once employees have submitted their time and attendance data and clocked in, the manager receives an approval notification which they can do there and then.

The People First app allows managers to handle approvals and requests instantly, reducing hours of manager admin time.

Stay Connected

As time and attendance is integrated within the product, it helps remote workers remain connected to their organisation through the app, including access to the social feed, groups and collaboration through projects.

Geo Tracking

People First uses geo-tracking so that employees can not only record their time but also their location when clocking in. This can provide peace of mind that if their health and safety is compromised their employer can quickly pinpoint their location and provide the necessary assistance.

Time Zones

Global administration is made easier as time is recorded in the relevant time zone. The end user can then manage their time in the zone of their preference.

Linking Payroll

Ensure payroll is delivered in time and error free. People First’s T&A feeds into the payroll system, to streamline the payroll process and ensures a higher level of payroll accuracy.

This is so much bigger than HR. The operating system People First has created is the future of work. Bar none.

It is the first operating system that is user-led, data empowerment. This is incredible. This is a game-changer.

Dr. Peter Bloom

The Open University