Research has proven that performance and engagement improve when people feel connected, supported and appreciated by their team (Deloitte; HCM Trends 2019). This couldn’t be more important than in healthcare where employee engagement could be a matter of life and death (Gallup).

However, with many roles involving remote working, how can your people become more engaged and connected? How do you create a sense of community and togetherness among teams that spend more time apart than together? The simple answer is good technology.

To get an insight into how technology can help transform the way your people connect, download the People First brochure.

People first brochure


Social Network

People First harnesses the power of social media, giving employees access to a collaborative space where they can securely connect with each other, share content, give and receive recognitions, join groups and communities, and catch up on company news.


Check-ins allow managers and employees to have ongoing two-way communication regardless of where they are based. Check-ins can be done face-to-face or remotely through the People First app, allowing all employees to have regular contact with their manager, and to take better control of their performance and progress.

Digital Assistant

Employees can book leave, log time and attendance information, schedule a check-in, and get instant answers to HR-related questions by simply asking their personal digital assistant. This acts as a friendly instant messenger app, quickly connecting employees to the information they need.

People First has opened many doors for MHR, helping our employees to stay connected no matter where they are based. It provides familiar social features such as profiles, news feed, groups, and the ability to share and provide instant feedback, securely. It’s really starting to transform the way that we work and is encouraging a more collaborative culture.

Jeanette Wheeler, HR Director

MHR International

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