Chatbots: A Guide For Business Leaders

If you’re a business leader chances are you’ve considered investing in a chatbot, if you haven’t already. But making that commitment to a new technology can be a huge decision, particularly when you are relying on it for interactions with customers and employees. No doubt you’ll have plenty of questions.

That’s why we prepared this handy guide – What Is a Chatbot? – for business leaders just like you.

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What is a chatbot?

Chatbots are bots that you interact with using text or speech. By harnessing the familiarity of instant messaging and conversation, they allow users to interact with technology in a way that is inherently natural. Our guide shines a light on how chatbots work, and the areas where they are proving popular.

Why do I need one?

Chatbots provide a new level of user experience, reducing once complicated and lengthy processes down to a simple conversation. But what does this mean to your business? Our guide breaks down the specific benefits for your customers and employees, as well as CEOs, HRDs and CFOs.

How do I choose the right one?

With an ever-increasing number of options available, choosing the right one can be quite a challenge. Our guide outlines the questions you need to ask to ensure that you get the best bot for your business, and introduces you to our own bot-building platform, Talksuite.

By 2020 the average person will have more interactions with a bot than with their spouse


Download The Guide

Download a copy of the chatbot guide to find out how your business can benefit from the implementation of a tailor-made bot.

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