A staggering 87% of employees worldwide are not engaged in their work, so chances are a proportion of your workforce are disengaged too.

How do you move past annual surveys to truly understand how your employees are feeling and equip managers with the right tools to improve engagement? Cue People First.

Download a copy of the People First guide, to find out how People First can help you boost employee engagement and improve business outcomes.

People first brochure


Real-time engagement tracking

The People First Digital Assistant prompts employees to reflect on their day through a simple question. This helps the employee to understand why they have had a good or bad day. These data points are then plotted on a graphical chart to give line managers a real-time view of engaged their team is at any given point in time.

Social engagement

At People First, we understand that work is essentially about people. The social feed within People First provides a collaborative space where employees can communicate openly. Users can add their own content to news feeds, groups, their colleagues’ profile pages or their own, and get instant feedback via likes and comments.

Regular check-ins

People First facilitates regular performance check-ins, where managers and employees discuss progress, tackle issues as they arise. This helps managers to get to know their team on a human level – something that is crucial in the modern workplace – and encourages a culture of honest and open communication.

This is so much bigger than HR. The operating system People First has created is the future of work. Bar none.

It is the first operating system that is user-led, data empowerment. This is incredible. This is a game-changer.

Dr. Peter Bloom

The Open University