Top 5 Reasons to Attend DisruptHR Nottingham 2.0

After watching the success overseas of DisruptHR, we thought it was about time to bring this forward-thinking event to the East Midlands, UK.

We hosted our first DisruptHR Nottingham event back in April, which brought 14 industry experts together to present to a room full of local business leaders and HR professionals on a wide range of topics - you can catch up with all the key takeaways from the evening and watch all the speaker videos here. The event also saw us raise a total of over £700 for local charityExperience Works.

Due to the success of the first event, we have decided to bring it back to the city for a second time on Thursday, September 19th at Castle Rock’s Canalhouse, Nottingham and here’s why you should book your ticket:


5 reasons to get a ticket to DisruptHR Nottingham 2.0

  1. Lightning-fast talks

DisruptHR is like a TEDx event: 14 industry experts each sharing their skills and experience in just five minutes each. What's more, each speaker is only allowed to produce a total of 20 slides, all of which auto-roll every 15 seconds. This super-fast format keeps the speaker and the audience on their toes, while being informal and highly impactful. It also means we have time to cover a wide range of relevant subject areas that just wouldn’t be the case at any other ordinary event.

  1. Networking opportunities

Forming industry connections and learning from your peers is not only good for your own learning and career progression, but also for your teams’, and the wider business. DisruptHR gives you lots of opportunities pre, during and post-event to extend your network and to chat informally to like-minded people.

Top tip: Do you know you can connect with people you meet at an event on LinkedIn just by scanning their QR code in the LinkedIn app?

  1. There’s a bar

And not just any bar. The Canalhouse is a highly unique venue (famous for having a canal that extends through its grade II listed building complete with resident narrow boats!), owned by the local Castle Rock brewery, offering 250 beers from around the world, alongside real ales and key beers. Of course, there are a variety of other non-beer drinks also available to those who prefer not to indulge.


Want to know something great? All of the speakers will not waste a second plugging their product or pitching their service - not even us at People First, it’s not allowed. The objective of DisruptHR is to get a community of like-minded people together to exchange knowledge, expertise, and experience, and explore new ideas.

  1. Supporting a local charity

Ok, maybe this is the best bit. 100% of the money raised from ticket sales will go to support local charity, Improving Lives. We selected Improving Lives as our charity of choice for this event due to their mission to put the most vulnerable people in Nottingham first and ‘treat people like people’.

Improving Lives is currently running three projects; two of which - Opportunity and Change and Two Trees are funded by Big Lottery and support those with mental health issues; with the former offering a bespoke training programme that covers key areas such as well-being and being in the workplace.

Through supporting people with complex health needs; both physical and mental, the charity offers an individualized service to empower them to manage the challenges they face more effectively and is well aligned with the People First ethos.


Who can attend?

The events are designed for anyone with an interest in the world of work, future of work trends and how we can rebalance the power and progress the ‘old-school’ and frankly archaic style of work to positively impact our employees, managers and organisations as a whole.

The presentations are designed to be mixed in content and subject matter to offer value to a wide spectrum of professionals from business leaders and HR professionals; those working in recruitment, specialising in learning and development, well-being and organisational psychology, to technologists and people managers working in any department, in any industry.


How do I get a ticket?

You can book a ticket for you or any members of your team to attend DisruptHR Nottingham 2.0 or if you think you have something of value to share with this audience of HR and business professional, apply to speak.

In the meantime, you can keep up to date with all news on speaker announcements and information about the event via the DisruptHR Nottingham Twitter channel and hashtag #DisruptHRNotts


Ashleigh Soppet - https://people-first.com/

Ashleigh is the Social Media Specialist at People First and one of the organisers of DisruptHR Nottingham.

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