The Telegraph Recognises People First Among the Top Workplace Apps

At People First, we pride ourselves on being more than just another HR software platform. Instead of offering more of the same, we have designed technological solutions to the issues faced by the modern workplace.

This fact was recognized in a recent article by the Telegraph, titled How to Keep Employees Happy and Motivated, where People First was picked as one of the newspaper’s six best apps for boosting employee engagement and productivity.

Mark Williams, Chief Product Officer at People First, had this to say:

“I’m delighted that the Telegraph has included People First among the very best workplace apps. It is a testament to the truly unique product we offer, and the benefits it brings for organizations and their employees.”

The article focussed on People First’s flow technology, which allows employees to learn about the unique conditions they need to be at their best – like a Fitbit for work. This process helps to ensure that they spend more time in a flow state – that sweet spot where work is challenging enough to be engaging, but not so challenging that it becomes stressful.

Our flow technology is just one of a range of tools designed to improve engagement, boost productivity, and enable collaboration and communication, which, when combined, give you a software platform fit for the future of work.

You can read the Telegraph article in full here. To find out more about how People First can transform your workplace, download the People First guide.


Nick Edwards - http://www.praguecopywriter.com

Nicholas Edwards is a freelance writer and editor based in Prague, the Czech Republic. When he's not helping local businesses master the English language, he loves writing about the future of work for People First. 


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