How Easily is Change Accepted?

July 18, 2018

Everyone is the subject of change throughout their lives – and from a very early age. We change schools on two or three occasions, and in the UK school system, we change teacher every year. We continue that change as we progress through our education, often changing homes to attend a university, which brings an increasing level of change throughout the 3-4 years before graduation.

Once we start our professional careers, this is just the start of organisational change, but for some this is where the fear of change sets in. Until we start our working career, we seem to accept change far more easily than when work is involved. Is it the ignorance of youth that enables our acceptance before, or is it just the impact of adulthood that brings different pressures?  

The extremes between these two points are different for everyone, and we will all experience a different level of change. I often wonder if this step in change is the foundation for a fear of change in people for the rest of their lives.

During the initial stages of people’s careers, there is an acceptance of change, but that seems to get less as they move through the organisation’s structure. Many people settle into a role that they will not move from. Ever. And for me, this is where organisations create future issues.

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