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Focus and Thrive

October 26, 2017

HR futurists and bloggers are increasingly preoccupied with thoughts around technology that can help deliver a true work-life balance.

Despite being happily exhausted having just touched down following People First’s global launch at HR Tech World in Amsterdam, I am energised by the synergy between what we are doing at People First and much of the keynote content. Most notably, People First's Focus Mode and Huffington’s Thrive Mode (a Samsung App). Where Focus Mode within the People First app allows you to protect your precious ‘flow time’ at work to deliver optimal productivity and job satisfaction, Thrive Mode protects your precious family time.

As I listened to Arianna Huffington introduce Thrive Mode, I must admit I had a ‘moment’. People First really is ahead of its game when it comes to supporting people throughout their working life – rather than following HR visionaries, we are running alongside them. As a consequence, happiness, engagement and enjoyment at work can now run alongside objectives-setting, productivity and baselines.

With Focus Mode embedded into the People First app, our embedded AI learns when you are in the flow, working at optimal productivity, and protects you from the noise of work – the endless and disruptive communications that stop you from being satisfied with your day’s work.

When your working day ends, Thrive Mode can pick up where you left off and protect your leisure and family time by limiting access to social channels.

What a world where two apps share the same intention – to help you stay happy and healthy at work and at home.

The People First app doesn’t stop there – it's infused with an AI digital assistant, technology to help keep you in the flow at work, data input that can give employees and their managers a full, humanised view of themselves and their teams. People First has the best of any HCM / HR system out there as standard – but we have put people rather than processes and traditional systems at the heart of our tech.

We exist in a world of overwhelming technologies. With People First, we are making things simple and putting humans at the centre of technology. We can’t get away from email and social technologies, but we can take responsibility for limiting their impact using tools that are designed to help increase our happiness and enjoyment at work and at home.