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Five Reasons Why Chatbots Are the Future

by Nicholas Edwards on July 19, 2018

Just a few years ago, the idea of talking to a robot would have seemed like sci-fi nonsense, or at best a fun gimmick. For a long time, robots promised a lot but failed to deliver practical everyday solutions – until now, that is.

Powered by AI and machine learning, chatbots look set to transform the way we live and work. Think of them as personal assistants, there to help you manage your daily lives, simplify transactional processes, and provide instant answers to your questions.

Still not convinced? Here are five reasons why chatbots are the future.

  1. They are the new apps

In the days before the internet, we had to physically go places to get anything done. If we needed to pay money in to our account, we had to go to the bank. If we wanted a holiday, we had to head to a travel agency.

These days, all the information we need is available at our fingertips. Yet transferring money or buying a holiday can still be a time-consuming and frustrating task, as we navigate lengthy processes and switch between numerous websites and apps. It can still be surprisingly difficult to find the information we need.

Over the last ten years, the number of available apps has exploded – there is now an app for pretty much anything you can think of. But as our devices become increasingly cluttered with countless separate items, each performing their own function, we are slowly reaching saturation point. Managing our lives means switching endlessly from app to app.

Chatbots simplify processes by acting as our digital helpers. Instead of using different apps for different functions, the chatbot provides a single, interactive layer between you and the information or outcome you seek.

Imagine being able to book flights, respond to emails, check the weather forecast and transfer money all using a single friendly interface. Imagine how much time this would save.

  1. They use natural language

Despite the best attempts of designers and marketers, our interactions with technology can sometimes feel cold and lifeless. To many it can be confusing and complex. Chatbots allow us to interact with systems though speech or text, in our own natural language – so no more user queries or complex unnatural processes.

What’s more, chatbots use technology that we already know and feel comfortable with – pretty much everyone owns a smartphone, and people now use messaging apps more than they use social media. For many, using messaging apps is more natural than picking up a phone and talking to someone.

Chatbots create a much more meaningful and personal interaction with technology, meaning users can access information and complete complex processes simply by saying or typing what they want.

  1. They are scalable

In problem-solving roles such as customer services and HR, us humans can only deal with one request at a time. If the volume of requests is too great for the number of staff, customers have to wait their turn.

This may have been acceptable ten years ago, but today it is not – customers now expect instant solutions to their problems.

Unlike humans, chatbots can deal with an ever-increasing number of requests – you don’t need to deploy more chatbots to deal with growing demand. This makes them the perfect solution in today’s rapidly changing market – and an effective cost-saving tool to boot.

  1. They learn and improve

Intelligent chatbots – that is those powered by AI – get smarter with time. They use machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to improve their performance autonomously, without the need for further programming or updates.

The more data a bot processes – for example, the more interactions a customer services chatbot has with customers – the more efficient it becomes at interpreting and responding to requests.

Intelligent chatbots are able to improve their understanding of the nuances of language, representing a major leap forward from bots that converse using only a set of predetermined rules or options.

  1. They are the perfect business solution

Chatbots’ ability to guide users through processes and improve information flow makes them an ideal business solution.

In the workplace, employees now expect a consumer-grade user experience when dealing with business systems. Chatbots provide a single point of call for staff – a friendly, interactive layer over disparate and often out-dated systems. And with their own digital assistant, employees can book holidays and schedule meetings in an instant – meaning HR staff don’t have to.

From a commercial point of view, chatbots are changing the way brands reach and interact with customers. Whether through customer services or website UX, chatbots revolutionise the customer experience by giving us instant access to the information we seek.


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For more information about chatbots, why not download our Talksuite guide: What Is a Chatbot?