Emberson Challenges Agency Culture

When Emberson, a group of marketing and sales support agencies, formed in 2010, they were clear on two fundamental principles.

  1. They wanted to work with like-minded people who wanted to truly collaborate with each other and their marketing agency, and;
  2. They wanted to make a difference to their employees, customers, supply partners and communities, by putting people first.

Emberson is a virtual company, meaning they have no physical location. For them, their cloud software alone is their ‘place.’

Truly virtual

A virtual company is very different to a physical company and requires a different culture to function – in their case, an ‘open virtual company culture,’ which is very different to many of their competitors, which operate a ‘closed factory culture’.

They currently employ a full-time team of 12 and utilise the specialist services of 50 based in 12 countries. They are a trans-Atlantic business with revenue split between clients in the US, Europe, Middle East and UK.  They are nimble – able to grow quickly – not limited by local talent pools or the location of customers.

Being virtual delivers tangible cost savings, reduces individual and collective environmental impact, and reclaims valuable time. Being virtual adds up to improved productivity from fitter, healthier, more motivated and engaged people with more time to achieve a better life-work balance.

A need for aligned HR technology

Technology and the cloud are key enablers for Emberson, and they already had many of the bases covered. However, they recognised that there was a growing need to add cutting-edge HR functionality into the mix.

They chose People First to be their partner in this. As they challenge the ‘closed agency culture,’ the People First open people platform will help them to transform the way HR is experienced by their people – becoming one of their key differentiators.

Why People First?

There was a meeting of minds from day one – both organisations have similar values.

With People First, Emberson will be able to transform the HR experience, making it intuitive, mobile and simple, while the People First ‘personal assistant’ helps them to reduce the burden of administration wherever it occurs.

The platform provides tools to create an HR culture that is continuous and embedded in every individual, from performance and goals to regular check-ins.

The openness of the platform means that the solution will grow as Emberson grows, and above all, it will enable them to have fun and enjoy their work!