A Few Things I Learnt About Leadership Along the Way

by Catherine Newell on May 23, 2018

A fact that might surprise people is that my first career was as a musician. I was a classical timpanist and percussionist. In this early career, I learnt many valuable lessons and skills that have been incredibly useful in my current career as a manager.

A conductor leads from the front, but with only facial expressions and bodily movement to convey how they want the players to interpret the music. Without the collaboration of every single person in the ensemble, this would not work. As a Musician, you develop this sixth sense between you and other players. You have the fact that you can hear each other, but when it really clicks, it is so much more than that – there is an emotional and collaborative connection. You are creating the music together and portraying the emotions, the journey and the landscape that started with the composer...

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