Workplace Collaboration Tools: How Effective Are They?

Thanks to mobile technology, cloud sharing and instant messaging platforms, it has never been easier to collaborate across teams, but how effective are they really?

Hybrid workforces: successfully managing different types of workers

Katrin Kircheis discusses the challenges a hybrid workforce pose and how an organisation can create a culture of acceptance for all types of worker.

The NOW of work

Instead of discussing the intangible ‘future’ of work, shouldn't we redirect our time and effort towards the work of now and the workplace of today? Mhorag Doig discusses.

Chatbots  -  More Than Just Hype?

There has been a lot of hype around chatbots since they burst onto the scene several years ago. The idea of interacting with technology through natural human language once seemed inherently futuristic and exciting, perhaps even a little gimmicky.

Do as I DO: Improving Workplace Culture Starts with YOU

Deborah Hartung shares her 3 tips on what you can do right now to start working towards improving culture and engagement in your team.

Are Chatbots the Future of Learning and Development?

Just a few years ago, chatbots were seen as something highly futuristic. Today, they are part of our everyday lives. Smart assistants such as Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa are a regular feature of the modern home.

3 Things to Consider When Supporting the Next Generation in the Future of Work

Kathryn Moss, Employability Officer at the University of Nottingham, discusses how the Fourth Industrial Revolution might affect future jobs.

People First and Document Logistix Extend Partnership to the US

Following a successful relationship with MHR in the UK, People First and Document Logistix have announced that they are to extend their partnership into the US HR market.

People First and ConnectDott to Join Forces

People First and ConnectDott have announced that they are joining forces to bring People First, a leading-edge, HR software platform with a twist to businesses in Singapore and the wider Asia Pacific area.

People First and Burcamp Advisory Group Announce Partnership

The companies are joining forces to offer leading-edge, HR software to help businesses increase employee productivity and a smart solution to human resource management.

People First and MPAY Announce Strategic Partnership

People First and MPAY have announced that they are joining forces to provide entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized businesses in America access to best in class solutions.

People First and Pay Asia Partner to Offer World-Class HR and Payroll Solutions

People First and Pay Asia have announced a new strategic partnership to offer businesses in Asia Pacific and Europe access to world-class HR and Payroll solutions.