How to Boost Profitability Through Performance Management

How do you make a business more profitable? Performance management.

Is It OK for Managers to Be Friends with Their Employees?

Friendship in the workplace is important and helps to create a sense of belonging and community. But for those in positions of power, the idea of getting pally with employees is a bit more complicated.

New Partnership to Help Employers Source Talent

People First has partnered with the world’s largest job delivery company eQuest.

Top 5 Reasons to Attend DisruptHR Nottingham 2.0

Embracing the rebellious future of HR, DisruptHR is an information exchange designed to energise, inform and empower people in the HR field. Here's why you need to get yourself a ticket to the next event...

The Telegraph Recognises People First Among the Top Workplace Apps

People First is named as one of the best 6 apps to keep employees happy and motivated

People First: The Ethos, The Tech and The Future

From flow technology and chatbots to a new blueprint for the employee-employer relationship, People First is bringing something totally new to the HR software market. But what about the technology behind the big ideas?

6 Quick Tips to Go Green in the Office

Businesses everywhere are looking into ways to go green. A few sensible adjustments to the way you run your office can make it greener and help you to save money too. Start going green in your office by trying some of these quick action points.

Psychological Safety: the Key to an Effective Team

What is psychological safety and why is it so important in the workplace?

Intrapreneurs: How to Foster a Culture of Innovation at Work

In most businesses, however, the innovative thinking is done by only a small percentage of people – those whose job it is to turn bright ideas into new products, features, or services. But by looking at innovation in a broader sense, we can include everybody in the process of improvement.

Servant Leadership – How to Give Your Employees More Autonomy and Choice

According to the philosophy of servant leadership, however, the manager’s job is to serve their employees. This approach flips the traditional pyramid hierarchy on its head, putting the needs of employees above all else.

How Do you Know Someone Is the Right Cultural Fit?

Recruitment has changed a lot in recent years. It used to be that if a candidate’s CV checked out, and they passed the interview ‘test’, then they’d be considered perfect for the job. Today, it’s a bit more complicated and 'cultural fit' is taken into account.

What Should You Be Thinking About When Going Freelance or Self-Employed?

Self-employment has grown dramatically in recent years. In fact, it’s now predicted that they make up at least 15% of the population. However, there are many things you should think about before going freelance if you want to truly make it. In this guest blog, Mike Parkes explains what they are...