Bullying in the Workplace: a Problem We Cannot Ignore

We often think of bullying as a childhood issue, yet it can affect us at any stage of our lives – and particularly in the workplace. According to a 2016 survey by the Trade Union Congress (TUC), nearly one in three people (29%) are bullied at work, with more than a third of those who reported being bullied leaving their job as a result.

What can the distress behaviours of your team members tell you about what to focus on to motivate them?

We often talk about how managers need to be equipped with techniques that allow them to successfully motivate their team members and, most of us agree this is not an easy feat, as we are all different. In this guest blog, Magda explains the Process Communication Model (PCM).

How to Boost Profitability Through Performance Management

Get performance management right, and you’ll give your people the guidance, support, and motivation they need to be at their best. The result? A better, happier, more profitable business.

Are Skills Mismatches Hurting Your Business?

According to a recent CIPD report, 49% of employees claim that their skills are not well-matched to their roles. Of these employees, 37% believe they could handle more demanding work, while 12% feel out of their depth.

Mental Health First Aiders Shouldn’t Just be a Tick Box Exercise

Mental Health expert Tim Ladd discusses the next steps following Mental Health First Aid training in the workplace.

Why It’s Time for a Mobile-First Approach at Work

As customers, we have high expectations. Not only do we expect outstanding quality from the products and services we use, we also expect our interactions with companies – everything from customer services to the purchase process – to be slick and hassle-free.

Why It Pays to Invest in Your Employees Beyond Recruitment

In today’s ultra-competitive jobs market, companies spend huge amounts of money finding, attracting, and hiring top talent. Yet once their new starters are through the door, they spend comparatively little on their engagement, training, and retention. Why?

The True Value of Social Engagement

It comes as no great surprise, then, that forward-thinking companies across the globe are looking to social platforms to engage and connect their workforce – something that is increasingly important in a world where remote teams are on the rise.

Engagement is Critical: How to Connect the Disconnected Workforce

If we want to improve employee engagement, it is important to recognize that different types of work and working environments bring different challenges. In this blog, we take a look at remote workers.

Skateistan Selects People First in Mission to Improve Lives

Award-winning non-profit organization Skateistan, which uses skateboarding and education to boost the life-chances of youngsters in Afghanistan, Cambodia, and South Africa, selects People First’s revolutionary HR technology.

How to Acquire Talent in a Digital World

The digital revolution has simplified our lives in countless ways. Yet you could also argue that technological progress has made our lives more complicated. This is true in the world of recruitment, where the digital revolution has brought fresh challenges for both candidates and employers.

Why Working Less Will Boost the Economy

Guest-blogger Katrin Kircheis discusses the benefits of reduced working hours on productivity and performance.