The Secret To Higher Employee Engagement, Motivation And Performance: Treat Your People Like Pot-Plants

Guest-blogger Deborah Hartung asks whatever made us think that humans were simpler than plants and we could just spray everyone in an organization with the same amount of water and sunlight and they would magically grow and thrive?

Equal Pay Day: Considerations For a More Inclusive Recruitment Process

Co-founder of Yes She Can, Sophie Turner, shares her thoughts on how businesses can become more inclusive, starting by taking a look at their recruitment processes.

How Predictive Analytics is Changing the Recruitment Process

Predictive analytics is now changing the world of recruitment and is increasingly being used by firms across the globe for hiring external applicants and managing internal employee progression patterns.

A Fresh-Eye View – What We Can Learn from New Starters

The first few weeks in a new job are a critical time. This is when your employees find out what it is really like to work at your company. But beyond all the focus on onboarding and training, employers often miss out on the one-time opportunity: the chance to see what the organization looks like through a fresh pair of eyes.

Diversity – Removing Bias in the Future of Work

Why should diversity matter? In simple terms, there are two reasons. The first we are all familiar with: diversity relates to fairness, inclusion, and equality. In other words, it’s a moral issue. The second reason is perhaps less well known: diversity is good for business.

10 Signs Your Company Culture Is Turning Toxic

Has your organizational culture gone bad? If you start to notice these things, there’s a good chance the culture in your workplace is turning toxic.

Technology Can Help You Revolutionize Work – But Not on Its Own

We often talk about technology as a driver of change – and in many ways it is. But when it comes to real human progress, technology alone is not enough to bring about change. In addition to innovation and invention, there needs to be a willingness to do things differently, born out of the need for something better. This can only come from us.

Milena visits People First customer Skateistan in Cambodia

Our Go-To-Market Lead Milena visited People First customer Skateistan during her holidays to Cambodia earlier this year. Here she writes a blog outlining all the great work they are doing.

DisruptHR Returns to Nottingham for Another Thought-Provoking Evening

Back in April, we were proud to organise Nottingham’s very first DisruptHR event. That night was such a success that we thought we’d do another! Read a recap of the event and watch the 13 presentations here.

The People First Engineering Team Dig in to Volunteering Project

The People First team of 60 software engineers have recently volunteered their time to breathe new life into an outdoor space used by children at the City Hospital, Nottingham.

Check-Ins: A Practical Step Towards Better Mental Health at Work

In recent years, mental health has gone from something barely discussed to a key workplace issue. While this represents great progress, many employees still feel unable to disclose their own struggles, or simply don’t know who or how to ask for help. Find out how check-ins could help here.

Leadership: How to Build Trust Within Your Team

According to a recent global engagement survey, one of the most important factors in employee engagement is having a team leader that you trust. In fact, those who trust their team leader are a staggering 12 times more likely to be engaged than those who don’t.