Is it Time to Embrace Remote Working?

For many of us, the typical weekday morning can be a stressful affair. We wake up bleary-eyed, wolf down some breakfast, then battle through rush-hour traffic to reach a rather stuffy building — the office, where the work gets done.

Flow – How Does It Work in Practice?

Have you ever felt so engaged in your work that you lost track of time, totally oblivious to outside distractions? This state of hyper-engagement is known as flow, and helping employees achieve it is key to our work at People First.

The Gig Economy: the Good, the Bad and the Future

Depending on who you are listening to, the gig economy is either the best or the worst thing to happen to the world of work. So which one is it?

Social Learning: How to Create a Culture of Learning

Formal learning is not enough. Organisations need to encourage a culture where self-directed learning is embraced. Read on to find out why.

How Chatbots Are Transforming the World of Work

Chatbots are harnessing the power of AI to bring us real-world benefits today. Read on to find out how these handy little helpers are transforming the world of work.

The Key to Finding Meaning at Work

What do you look for in a job? The usual replies include flexible working, generous benefits, great people, career progression and, of course, a decent salary. But what about meaning?

Want to Feel Ecstasy at Work? Get into the Flow!

We’ve all at some point experienced being “in the zone” – it’s that time when you are completely focused on whatever it is you’re doing and nothing else seems to matter.

Rethinking the Organisational Structure

The traditional top-down hierarchy may still be the go-to organisational structure for many, but is it the most effective?

The Future of Work – Time for a New Conversation

Technology has the potential to transform the way we work for the better, yet so much of the discussion revolves around worst-case scenarios and scaremongering. It’s time we started a new conversation.

Progressive Partnership With Page Kirk

With a focus on personalisation, recruitment, and importantly their people, Page Kirk realised that they needed a HR system with a difference. Cue People First.

Emberson Challenges Agency Culture

With People First, Emberson will be able to transform the HR experience, making it intuitive, mobile and simple, while the People First ‘personal assistant’ helps them to reduce the burden of administration wherever it occurs.

Less Distraction, More Action – Noise Management

Employers can use the platform to actively protect their employees from the constant stream of work-based communications coming at them from multiple applications.