MHR International Introduces a New Era of Remote Work Experience With U.S. Launch of People First Connect

MHR International introduces a new era of remote work experience with U.S. launch of People First Connect, a cloud-based platform that enables organizational connection in a physically distant, disrupted workplace.

The SME’s guide to avoiding arguments over annual leave

Whatever annual leave scheme you have, the last thing you should try to do is to bring any uncertainty into the discussion. Make sure people know their entitlement, how to book it and who is going to authorise it.

The Good and the Bad of Time Tracking — and How It’s Affecting Your Millennial and Gen Z Workforce

Millennials and Gen Zers will be the dominant demographic in the labor force in the next few years. Here are tips on how you can make time tracking work with this younger workforce.

Why Your Job Could Be Killing You – and What to Do About It

Do you work in a dangerous job? If you spend your days sitting at a desk, you might think not – but the answer is actually yes. As various studies have shown, the prolonged inactivity that comes with modern office work is seriously damaging our health, increasing our risk of heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.

Should We Accept High Employee Turnover or Battle Against It?

The new culture of job-hopping may suit employees, but it puts businesses in a tricky position. The financial burden of replacing an employee can be huge, costing anything from 50-200% of their yearly salary – and the higher the position, the more it costs. Is retention an unwinnable battle?

Community & Opportunity: Why Great Businesses Are Like Great Cities

Businesses are bustling, people-focused ecosystems – just like cities. There are numerous factors that combine to make a business a happy, interesting and successful place to be, or not – just like cities. In this blog, we explore the similarities between the two.

Five Ways to Thrive in the Future of Work

The future of work is coming! But what does that mean for you and me? For all the dystopian talk of machines leaving us on the scrapheap for life, the truth is likely to be somewhat less dramatic – and almost certainly more positive. Here's 5 ways to thrive in the future of work.

To Tackle Burnout, We Must First Understand What Causes It

So, we know what burnout is, but are we clear on what causes it? We often discuss it as a natural consequence of grueling hours and an always-on work culture – but this is only half the story.

Why Mentoring Matters in the Legal Profession

Mentorship imparts soft and hard skills to the mentee to help them navigate the professional world. And while this is true for most professions, it is especially crucial when it comes to the legal profession.

Diversity and Inclusion – Why You Can’t Have One Without the Other

Diversity and inclusion. These words are so frequently used together that we may mistake them as the same thing. But while they are clearly related, diversity and inclusion are two different issues – and organizations must treat them as such.

Soft Skills Are the Future – So Isn’t It Time We Gave Them a Better Name?

I have never understood the term ‘soft skills.’ It seems such an inappropriate way to describe something so important. After all, we’re talking about those critical skills that allow us to work together effectively – the ability to communicate, listen and empathize – not to mention the ability to solve problems, make decisions, and think creatively. Why are these skills considered ‘soft’?

Employee Engagement: Five Pitfalls to Avoid

Employee disengagement is perhaps the defining business issue of our time. It is also one of the most difficult to fix. Why? Because meeting the psychological needs of a diverse workforce is an incredibly complex task.