Why It’s Time to Promote Financial Wellbeing at Work

Why is financial wellbeing often overlooked in the workplace? Here’s why you should be promoting financial wellbeing through your benefits offering.

Engagement is Critical: How to Connect the Disconnected Workforce

If we want to improve employee engagement, it is important to recognize that different types of work and working environments bring different challenges. In this blog, we take a look at remote workers.

Skateistan Selects People First in Mission to Improve Lives

Award-winning non-profit organization Skateistan, which uses skateboarding and education to boost the life-chances of youngsters in Afghanistan, Cambodia, and South Africa, selects People First’s revolutionary HR technology.

How to Acquire Talent in a Digital World

The digital revolution has simplified our lives in countless ways. Yet you could also argue that technological progress has made our lives more complicated. This is true in the world of recruitment, where the digital revolution has brought fresh challenges for both candidates and employers.

Why Working Less Will Boost the Economy

Guest-blogger Katrin Kircheis discusses the benefits of reduced working hours on productivity and performance.

How to Boost Profitability Through Performance Management

How do you make a business more profitable? Performance management.

Is It OK for Managers to Be Friends with Their Employees?

Friendship in the workplace is important and helps to create a sense of belonging and community. But for those in positions of power, the idea of getting pally with employees is a bit more complicated.

New Partnership to Help Employers Source Talent

People First has partnered with the world’s largest job delivery company eQuest.

Top 5 Reasons to Attend DisruptHR Nottingham 2.0

Embracing the rebellious future of HR, DisruptHR is an information exchange designed to energise, inform and empower people in the HR field. Here's why you need to get yourself a ticket to the next event...

The Telegraph Recognises People First Among the Top Workplace Apps

People First is named as one of the best 6 apps to keep employees happy and motivated

People First: The Ethos, The Tech and The Future

From flow technology and chatbots to a new blueprint for the employee-employer relationship, People First is bringing something totally new to the HR software market. But what about the technology behind the big ideas?

6 Quick Tips to Go Green in the Office

Businesses everywhere are looking into ways to go green. A few sensible adjustments to the way you run your office can make it greener and help you to save money too. Start going green in your office by trying some of these quick action points.