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Seven Reasons Forward-Thinking Business Leaders Will Engage with People First in 2019

January 03, 2019

People First is exploding on to the HR Technology scene, delivering futuristic people solutions built using open technology on the Microsoft Azure platform.

As visionary leaders begin to recognise the potential of open technology infused with AI to support more people-focused ways of working, People First will begin to replace existing technologies that dominate the current world of work.

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People First has already captured the imagination of analysts, HR and business futurists and forward-thinking business leaders across the globe. But what makes it so special? How is People First leading the next significant change to the way that people interact and perform in their working lives?

1) Offering the best of existing HR technologies is only the baseline for people first

People First includes the HR management tools you would expect to find in a well-established HR system, but that is only the start. People First is actually designed to support a fundamentally different way of working – nurturing employee-employer relationships as more of an alliance between two parties, and applying flow technology to keep people happy, engaged and at their most productive.

2) The AI Infusion

People First applies artificial intelligence to augment the people within an organisation. It takes specific information and uses it to recommend and take actions that will improve employees' working lives. An example of this is manager augmentation when it comes to check-ins – People First will operate as a third party in the room, leading the manager through a check-in using applicable data to reach the best outcome for both parties.

3) It is a solution designed for the future of work, and it is ready now

Rather than replicating solutions to support established processes and procedures, locking businesses into technologies and perpetuating the patterns that stop people being as engaged and productive as they could be at work, People First offers something new, which will challenge existing cultures, processes and mentalities.

“It’s tough breaking the mould, developing an approach to work and backing it up with technology to support its delivery, because some people will always say it’s ahead of its time or they’re not ready for it. I say it is long overdue. People First will quickly become the norm for new cultures within companies and the technology they use to support that culture.”

4) It aligns with futurist thinking about HR technology

Analysts, HR futurists and forward-thinking business leaders are challenging HR leaders to prepare for a future of work that embraces the human side of people within a business and uses AI, pragmatic people analytics, chatbots and the like to enhance the way people operate in an organisation. While many existing HR technology solutions are scrambling to augment their existing technologies to cater to this shift, they are really too late.

Says CEO Anton Roe: “The HR tech world has been caught on the back foot by the future of work, and we see many competitors starting to plug their solutions with stop gaps so they can try and meet the demands of the forward thinkers. With People First, we predicted what the future of work would demand, and had the confidence to build the ethos and solution to fit. It’s ready now.”

5) The flow technology that underpins People First is not just revolutionary, it's also very useful!

Keeping people fully focused and productive at work induces massive psychological benefits of enjoyment and feelings of value, ownership and belonging. Flow is visualised within People First, and that analysis can be used to predict business performance, flight risk, employee enjoyment and well-being, and hotspots for further attention. This is data that leaders have been starved of presented in an accessible way.

flow mapping business performance prediction data graph

6) Infused intelligent analytics

AI and analytics are hot topics. People First applies both in a manner so natural and accessible that they are really only noticeable by the results. With pragmatic people analytics, for example, data is absorbed from employees’ day-to-day work via their personal assistant, a bot that helps employees through their day and operates almost like a “Fitbit” for work, learning their patterns and checking in with them at suitable times. The result? Improved operations, productivity and a better bottom line.

7) The People First ecosystem

People First is part of a healthy ecosystem of open technology solutions. It offers the world’s first open people platform, providing a marketplace of solutions to help organisations manage the health, happiness and productivity of their people with a direct impact on business success. It connects to other systems using application programming interfaces or APIs and even offers platform tools for building complementary apps and chatbots. This open model offers choice, scalability and a level of openness that is unheard of in the HR technology space.